This country has many shamans, the practice of witchcraft and spirits

Shamans or commonly called ‘smart people’ are people who have advantages in terms of supernatural abilities. This person can understand things that are invisible. They are also able to communicate with supernatural beings. Not only negative, but shamans are also sometimes asked to help eliminate diseases, manic disorders, loss of goods and others. But do you know it turns out that shamans are not only in your country? In countries in other parts of the world also have ‘smart people’. But unexpectedly this presence was actually considered a threat. Many cases of the practice of sorcery or shamans were hunted down and then killed in order to stop practicing shirt and spirits. People who have black magic both from generation to generation and the results of learning are illegal in this country. Congolese who were caught doing the practice of sorcery were destroyed. In this case, there were many innocent people, small children, and women who were victims. Need further examination if you want to cleanse yourself of black magic. You should do remove black magic to the experts.

The Cameroonian community has been made excited by the case of a 16-year-old girl who aborted her womb by drinking poisonous fluids. The poisonous liquid was allegedly given by a shaman. Since then, the community seems to be intolerant of people who practice shamans because they are considered harmful. It seems that the practice of sorcery and spirits occurs a lot on the African continent. In South Africa, people who are caught doing practice will be punished by being burned alive. Sadistic. From 2008 to 2013, there were 700 women killed in connection with the practice of black magic. They use this knowledge to steal various items. In 2009, at least 1000 people were kidnapped and locked in secret locations. There they were forced by shamans to drink dangerous fluids that caused hallucinations. At least two people died as a result of this practice.

The practice of magic has happened a long time in Kenya. In 2008, 11 people were burned by mobs due to the practice of black magic. Five years later, a woman was paraded and stripped naked because of the same case. In 2013 also a man was burned and watched by the public because of illegal practices. The practice of black magic and spirits is also prohibited and violates state rules in Zambia. However, there are still many cases of this practice that occur in this southern African country.