Getting to know about speech texts

You must have seen someone giving a speech? Examples such as the principal who delivered a speech during a flag ceremony or a president who delivered his famous speeches at important events. In a sense, speech is an act of speaking in public to express an opinion or provide an overview of something.

Well, before conducting speeches, the speaker usually makes a speech text first. What is speech text? Speech text is a text that contains ideas, opinions, and knowledge of things that will be delivered in public.

Speech Text Structure

1. The opening of the speech consists of 3 parts, namely:


Respect, usually mentions from people who have the highest positions up to people who have low positions.

Thanksgiving, usually containing greetings of gratitude to the orator (the person giving the speech) because it was given the opportunity to deliver a speech and gather with the guests.

Introduction to the main topic.

2. Fill in the speech, containing important things to be conveyed.

3. Concluding remarks, containing conclusions from what was conveyed, apologies in the event of a mistake when conveying something, and closing greetings.

4. Greetings closing.

Speech Method

1. Speeches made can use several methods including:

2. Impromptu, which is a method of speech that is carried out directly without prior preparation.

3. Memoriter, namely the method of giving a speech by memorizing the text of the speech first.

Manuscript, which is a method of giving a speech by reading the text during a speech.

4. Exemplary, namely the method of giving a speech by first preparing an outline speech concept.

The purpose of the Speech Text

1. Influence others to willingly follow our wishes.

2. Give an understanding or information to others.

3. Give an impression to others.

A good speech is a speech that can give a positive impression to many people who listen to speeches. So, preparing the text of the speech is very important so that the topic discussed is in accordance with the theme. Hopefully, after this, you can make a good speech text.