During Umrah, You Should Not Do the Following Mistakes

Umrah has a procedure that is similar to Hajj. But in Umrah, only part of the Hajj is carried out, so this is what makes it sunnah and can be done at any time. Unlike the Hajj which has a mandatory nature and can only be done at one time umrah 2016 november . Umrah can be done at any time as long as it is not during the Hajj.

The number of people who want to carry out umrah makes umrah travel popping up by offering various programs. Start with the cheapest to the most expensive program. Of course, each program has advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, even though the travel agents designed the implementation perfectly, there were mistakes made by the pilgrims of Umrah 2016 November. For those of you who want to do Umrah, you should avoid the following mistakes:

– Kiss Pillars Yamani
Some Umrah congregations kiss Rukun Yamani. This is not true. Because it is only touched, it is not kissed. Hajar Aswad is kissed or touched, if it is possible. And if in a situation that is not possible, such as jostling, just give a gesture by waving.

– Applying clothes to the Ka’bah
Some Umrah congregations rubbed the walls of the Ka’bah. sometimes even rubbing clothes, turban, clothes, and so on in the wall of the Ka’bah to seek blessings. This is not found in the Prophet’s Sunnah. Rasulullah SAW only taught to wipe out Hajar Aswad and Rukun Yamani only.

– Crammed For Kissing the Black Stone
Jostling each other to kiss the beat. this is certainly not justified. In fact, between the congregation sometimes push each other, squeeze, hit, and various other bad actions that can hurt fellow Umrah congregation. Kissing Aswad is sunnah, only applies when the situation is possible/loose. If crowded, just give a signal to Hajar Aswad.

– The Right Shoulder of the Open Male Jamaah When Ihram
Another mistake, the male congregation opened his right shoulder when he was taking drafts. This is not intended except when doing umrah tawaf. In any case, the right shoulder of the male congregation must be covered with a shawl (ihram).