Mounting support for curtains

After measuring the door and determining the door curtain design to be installed, then the next step in installing door curtains is to choose the type of buffer for the curtain. The selection of door curtain supports cannot be done carelessly and must be adjusted to the curtain design and the shape of the door itself. In the meantime, visit when you want to know more about curtains and blinds for decorating your home.

Make sure the curtain support is wide enough so that when it opens, the inside edge of the curtain only covers the door frame and not the entrance. You can also look for various references first to determine the right type of buffer in accordance with the door design and curtains that are your choice.

The next step in installing door curtains is to punch holes in the wall that will be used as a place to install the support. You can use an electric drill so that the hole is small but the results are stronger and not easily separated. With the use of an electric drill, you will also get a place to install a neater buffer. If you are installing your own door curtain for the first time, manual methods such as using a hammer should be avoided because usually the results are not neat and can actually damage the walls of the house.