AC became less cold than a few days earlier

If a few days before the air conditioner in your place felt very cold, but lately it’s not so cold even though you use the lowest temperature, you can also get less freon AC pressure. If it is like that, it is better if you immediately call your subscription technician to do the inspection. So, if there is a problem with you, you can be caught immediately and of course to avoid more fatal damage. In addition, doing routine maintenance services can also maintain the performance of your air conditioner, and if there is a shortage of freons it can be immediately known and added. So, it is expected that your AC will not be short of freon. Indeed there are certain AC brands if the pressure of the freon is less likely to experience it often dies on its own, especially in the outdoor unit. Well, if this happens to your AC, it could be that your AC freon gas pressure is reduced. There is nothing wrong if you immediately carry out further checks. You can also ask for help from an aircon service technician that you trust to do an inspection if you can’t do it yourself.


Air conditioners that leak water leak in the indoor area can also be due to lack of freon pressure. The reason is that there is ice clumping on the evaporator so that the ice clot closes the drain. Many people don’t know the reason why air conditioners should be cleaned or washed. Especially for those of you who are classified as new users of cooling machines. The question also crossed my mind when I first did not know the working principle of AC. Do not close the possibility that you have experienced it, right?

The first reason why the air conditioner must be cleaned even though it’s still cold because the AC workings circulate the room. The hot air in the room will be sucked by the indoor air conditioner with the help of the FAN fan. Which when the process of sucking is dust or even other small particles will come to suck. Then the dirty dust will stick to the filter and also the evaporator. If this is allowed, it will affect the performance of the AC in conditioning the room to cool. If you routinely service regularly, at least 2 to 3 months, this can make your AC more durable. Because the air conditioner is always in a clean condition, it can make the engine work lighter. In addition, also in case of possible damage to the air conditioner earlier. Because AC is always in the handling of experts, even if there is a problem, it will soon be discovered. So that it can be faster to fix it, and the costs that will be incurred will not be too expensive.